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Arts & Culture

In addition to our general core classes, we offer a variety of classes and extra-curricular activities that involve arts and culture. We believe that students need to expand their horizons beyond language arts, mathematics, social studies, and science to learn about others and to develop interests outside the walls of the traditional classroom.

Fine Arts

We have designed our fine arts program to help students develop skills, knowledge, and appreciation of the fine arts according to their interest, talent, and abilities. Fine arts offers the opportunity for individual and group expression through performance and composition. It also develops communication, listening, reading, and psychomotor skills.

World Languages and Cultures

Studying world languages can open the door to many professional opportunities, including international trade, government agencies, and service careers. It gives students an insight into different cultures and how they complement the human experience. We offer French, Spanish, and Latin, and each language course includes an intensive study of both the roots and culture behind the language.