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TFHS Alumni Association

The friendships and connections you make in high school often stay with you well beyond graduation. Your high school friends and teachers often become mentors, coworkers, and professional connections that serve you well throughout adulthood. We hope you will use this page as a way to connect with your former classmates. Visit our Facebook page or email us to get in touch. Visit the links in the sidebar of this page for more information about our meetings and all the latest events held for the benefit of our alumni.

Our Mission

The purpose of the TFHS Alumni Association is to promote a sense of community by providing information, opportunities, and connections with its members. It is our desire to establish a lifelong relationship with alumni and friends, promote interaction with and among alumni, highlight achievements of alumni, and to provide our members with rewarding opportunities to serve TFHS and its students, our future alumni.

Board of Directors

The TFHS Alumni Association was formed by a small group in 2006. The board currently consists of the following alumni:

Deb Benoit - Class of 1973 Ron LaRoche - Class of 1947
Douglas Brown - Class of 1971 Ann Maddern - Class of 1968
Michael Cadran - Class of 1968 Kevin McCarthy - Class of 1974
Karen Collins - Class of 1974 Julie McCarthy, Ph.D - Class of 2004
Eric Czernich - Class of 1994 Steve Prokowich - Class of 1973
Sheryl Jablonski - Class of 1975 Matt Robinson - Class of 1979
Barb (Dion) Kuklewicz - Class of 1970 Bob Avery - Faculty Alumni

Alumni Calendar